Any issue having multiple sound cards running at the same time in 6.1?

Karol Kwiatkowski freebsd at
Wed Aug 30 19:12:07 UTC 2006

On 30/08/2006 19:35, Philip Hallstrom wrote:
>>> I've got a freebsd server in the garage that has a low end
>>> soundblaster (I think) card in it that I've been using to play music.
>>> Works just fine. We moved and now I'd like to be able to have
>>> different music play in different rooms (living, family, and outside).
>>> I can do all the other wiring for speakers...
>>> But was wondering if there are any problems having three sound cards
>>> in the box and have them all work at the same time.  I'm currently
>>> using flac123 to play music and would probably continue to do so...
>>> Thoughts?
>> In principle, there's no problem.  But most software will only drive
>> one audio device at a time.  Also, note that running long cables at
>> fairly low signal levels can degrade the audio quality...
> Good points... but no reason I couldn't run three flac123 processes and
> point each to their own /dev/ entry...?

I'm using two sound cards all the time. One (Audigy, PCI) to make
noise in my room (music/tv/etc), and the second (nVidia, onboard) to
make calls with skype or listen to music late at night.

I don't know about flac123 - have a look at it's manpage - but at
least with xmms, mplayer and skype (that's what I've got here) you can
change output /dev/dsp device to whichever you like.



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