Any issue having multiple sound cards running at the same time in 6.1?

Philip Hallstrom freebsd at
Wed Aug 30 17:30:24 UTC 2006

>> I've got a freebsd server in the garage that has a low end
>> soundblaster (I think) card in it that I've been using to play music.
>> Works just fine. We moved and now I'd like to be able to have
>> different music play in different rooms (living, family, and outside).
>> I can do all the other wiring for speakers...
>> But was wondering if there are any problems having three sound cards
>> in the box and have them all work at the same time.  I'm currently
>> using flac123 to play music and would probably continue to do so...
>> Thoughts?
> In principle, there's no problem.  But most software will only drive
> one audio device at a time.  Also, note that running long cables at
> fairly low signal levels can degrade the audio quality...

Good points... but no reason I couldn't run three flac123 processes and 
point each to their own /dev/ entry...?

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