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Wed Apr 26 20:07:47 UTC 2006

eoghan wrote:
> Hi
> I am installing postgres81-server from ports, but it gives me an error.
> It requires postgres81-client but I have postgres74-client installed.
> I have not installed this port, so is there something that uses this?
> I cannot find any pgsql script. Would it be safe to remove 74-client and 
> install the latest version?

Short answer: probably safe, yes.

Longer answer: Have a poke at

# pkg_info -R postgres74-client
(or however that client package is actually named)

This will tell you what other port(s) you have installed that 
presumably need/want you to have the 7.4 client installed, and thus 
what might be broken by your forcing an upgrade of it. Then you can 
decide if it's worth the risk, what to test after, what contingency 
plans and backups to make, etc.

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