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Wed Apr 26 20:04:25 UTC 2006

eoghan wrote:
> Hi
> I am installing postgres81-server from ports, but it gives me an error.
> It requires postgres81-client but I have postgres74-client installed.
> I have not installed this port, so is there something that uses this?
> I cannot find any pgsql script. Would it be safe to remove 74-client and
> install the latest version?
> Thanks
> Eoghan
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Do a pkg_info on the installed postgres74-client.  This should list what
package is was pulled in as a dependency for.  If that program is
actually USING the postgres support (rather than having been built with
support for it that you weren't using), you would have to carefully
migrate your data.  Otherwise, you will probably want to rebuild said
package without the postgres support, then remove the
postgresql74-client and install the postgres81 client and server.

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