eoghan freebsd at
Wed Apr 26 20:15:07 UTC 2006

Greg Barniskis wrote:
> eoghan wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am installing postgres81-server from ports, but it gives me an error.
>> It requires postgres81-client but I have postgres74-client installed.
>> I have not installed this port, so is there something that uses this?
>> I cannot find any pgsql script. Would it be safe to remove 74-client 
>> and install the latest version?
> Short answer: probably safe, yes.
> Longer answer: Have a poke at
> # pkg_info -R postgres74-client
> (or however that client package is actually named)
> This will tell you what other port(s) you have installed that presumably 
> need/want you to have the 7.4 client installed, and thus what might be 
> broken by your forcing an upgrade of it. Then you can decide if it's 
> worth the risk, what to test after, what contingency plans and backups 
> to make, etc.

Thanks guys:

Required by:

I wanted to use it with php5, so i guess forcing an uninstall would bork 
my php5 support?
Since the server port installs the pgsql script (i assume???) i should 
probably just go with the older version?
Thanks again

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