raid5 with gvinum on 6.1-RC1

Johan Nilsson johan.h.nilsson at
Wed Apr 19 22:05:51 UTC 2006


I'm having problem setting up raid5 with gvinum on my FreeBSD
6.1-RC1(amd64). I have used gmirror without problem, but when I wanted
to add some
storage space with raid5 i failed, unfortunately it's because of the

* The first question, does gvinum support raid5 today, or is it just the old

* On what file systems can gvinum operate? Vinum required "vinum" as the
fstype, but the new geom implementation's doc says nothing about this?

I have searched a lot on news-groups etc. but all I found was examples on
how to set up the organisation types "concat" and "striped", but not how to
setup "raid5". The documenation doesn't give me any help in this question
either - actually it's the first time I have found a badly documented
project in FreeBSD.

But accordning to the old documentation I figured out the following
configuraiton file:

# cat gvinum.conf
drive sata2 device /dev/ad4s1d
drive sata3 device /dev/ad6s1d
drive sata5 device /dev/ad10s1d

volume site
   plex org raid5 512k
     sd length 305242m drive sata2
     sd length 305242m drive sata3
     sd length 305242m drive sata5

* Is it possible to use a device's c-partiton (e.g. /dev/ad4s1c), i.e. the
complete disc?

* Is 512kb for the stripe size good, or can/should it be bigger when having
such big subdiscs?


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