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MewBkd(MidEastWeb News Service Background) is a companion to Mewnews, the free balanced Middle East e-news service.
The Background service includes opinion, analysis and other items not posted to the MewNews list for reasons of space or timeliness. 
MewBkD completes the picture and gives you a large, searcheable archive of news and background, including a spectrum of opinion about the Middle East. 

MewNews and MewBkd are initiatives of MideastWeb at

Opinions in items sent to his list are not those of MidEastWeb or the editors.
MidEastWeb has a separate Newsletter, that provides opinion about Middle East events as well as announcements of activities related to MidEastWeb's mission as an NGO.  

The Mideastweb web site www.mideastweb also has historical background, new reports and features. 

Subscribers cannot send mail to this group, but you can send mail to the editors by replying to messages. Mail to editors should not usually include opinions. Please do send us news items with sources. 

News items can be discussed by joining the MidEastWebdialog list.
Send mail to mideastwebdialog-subscribe at after you have read the guidelines for that list at

Information about this and other MidEastWeb lists is available at and links. 
Please use the automatic mail commands given at to manage your subscription.
Ask us for help only if you got an error message from the yahoo server,
and include the message in your e-mail. 
Unsubscribe - send mail to mewbkd-unsubscribe at

The Editors

Diane Balay, Adel Darwish, Joseph Hochstein, Ami Isseroff,  Josh Pollack, Len Grossman, Yasmeen Taeb, Samir Suwellam
Note: Each editor is an independent contributor and is not responsible
for content posted by others.

Items posted on MewNews are copyright by the sources or 
contributors and may not be reproduced without permission.

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