booting problems

Martin Tournoy carpetsmoker at
Thu Apr 20 12:07:54 UTC 2006

On Wed, 19 Apr 2006 21:46:24 -0000, boy red <littleteenfellow at>  

> i have so far installed freeBSD OS and set up the
> accounts but im having some problems. it just takes me
> 2 a black DOS type screen and i dont know how 2 get
> in. by getting in i mean that it doesnt take me to the
> place where i actually start using the computer.
> please help.

If your looking for a quick gui setup, try this:
first go to root, do this by typing:
enter your root password.
then type:
pkg_add -r gnome2
exec csh

This will install ad start the gnome graphical user interface, to  
automaticly start it when FreeBSD starts, type(as root)
ee /etc/ttys
Scroll down a few lines and you'll see this line:

ttyv9   "/usr/X11R6/bin/xdm -nodaemon"  xterm   off secur

replace xdm with gdm and replace off with on.

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