Installing Gnome (Or possibly other GUI)

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> My question is, how can I install this GUI, or will it be easier
> to install an alternative with less graphics and tag along
> programs?  I'm essentially getting a GUI going due to the fact I'm
> new to Unix as a whole and would be good to assist learning of the
> OS and the shell. Due to this, something like a windows clone
> Gnome or KDE may be good, but I'm just as willing to have to learn
> to use a good GUI that isnt windows clone.

Try x11-themes/fvwm-themes, which will install x11-wm/fvwm2-devel as
a dependency.  Put "fvwm-themes-start" in your ~/.xinitrc, then run

On the resulting screen, if you left click the empty area, called
"root window" (or "desktop" if you prefer), a menu will pop up which
will have "Theme Configuration" or some such title.  From there, you
can choose "Redmond 98" or "Redmond XP" themes for button-shapes,
"start menu", taskbar & other thingumadoodles.

You may need to do adjustments to your "theme" as you may or may not
have all the programs installed (or even care about) which are
listed in the menus and|or displayed as buttons.

  - Parv


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