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On Sunday 16 April 2006 11:59, Brendan Grossman wrote:
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> > /boot has to be in the / file system.
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> > There's a rather lengthy thread about this a few months back
> > if you search the archives.
> Think I found it...
> http://lists.freebsd.org/mailman/htdig/freebsd-questions/2005-July/092614.h
>t ml
> That's not good then. I'm setting up a system with many users, who will
> need access to /var and their /home. They will have quotas, so data in /var
> + data in /home must be less than their quota. Obviously it's not a good
> idea to create separate /var and /home partitions as for example, if say
> /var filled up, the user won't be able to write to it, even though they are
> "allowed" to since their quota hasn't been reached.
> Hmmm... Does /boot have to be in the first 1024 cylinders still? I could
> adjust my scheme as such:
> swap 1gb
> /tmp 500mb (mounted noexec,nosuid)
> / remainder

It's not a good idea to put everything on the / filesystem.
At a minimum I would have:

Your users will not fill up /var unless you allow them unlimited mail, 
databases or access to root. User's tempfiles will go to /usr/tmp. On a 
system with many users, you should consider a /home slice with quotas on that 
and your mailserver set to deliver mail to the users file. Remember not 
everyone is going to max out their filesystem so quotas can be set to 
reasonable values. There are many good reasons to separate those filesystems, 
disk performance and crashdumps being just two. Having many users is NOT a 
good reason to combine filesystems. You need to rethink your diskspace or add 
another drive for /home or /usr. The handbook has a good section on this. 



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