/boot at beginning of drive

Brendan Grossman brendan at grossman.id.au
Sun Apr 16 19:59:06 UTC 2006

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> /boot has to be in the / file system.
> There's a rather lengthy thread about this a few months back 
> if you search the archives.

Think I found it...

That's not good then. I'm setting up a system with many users, who will need
access to /var and their /home. They will have quotas, so data in /var +
data in /home must be less than their quota. Obviously it's not a good idea
to create separate /var and /home partitions as for example, if say /var
filled up, the user won't be able to write to it, even though they are
"allowed" to since their quota hasn't been reached. 

Hmmm... Does /boot have to be in the first 1024 cylinders still? I could
adjust my scheme as such:

swap 1gb
/tmp 500mb (mounted noexec,nosuid)
/ remainder

Will this cause any dramas?


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