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David Stanford dthomas53 at
Sun Apr 9 22:38:52 UTC 2006


Yes, you are a newbie as many of us are (including myself ;). You have
already gotten some pretty good responses pointing you in the right
direction to correctly set up a graphical desktop, such as the ones you saw
in the screenshots. However, what the responses have not mentioned, and I
think this is extremely important for newbies to understand, is that FreeBSD
is mainly a command line (CLI) driven operating system. Although, many
people ause it as a desktop (graphical) system, you will need to do a good
deal of researching and reading before a lot of the concepts and capabilites
to set this up become entirely clear to you.

I guess what really caught my eye in your post was "I feel the hope is
dripping into the sink!". This is OKAY! I can't imagine anyone on this list
not having the same exact feeling when they first installed FreeBSD for the
first time...I know I did! Just remember that it will all come in time - you
just have to be willing to spare it. As most people on this list will reply
with (I notice some already have), the FreeBSD
the best place to start. Although the FreeBSD operating system isn't
covered inside and out, its really a fantastic overall peice of
documentation, especially considering the lack of "good" documentation found
in many Open Source projects. Anyway, good luck and don't get discouraged!
And please, whatever you do, stay away from the penguin! ;)


On 4/9/06, infernus - Bluelight <infernus at> wrote:
> Sorry for bothering this mailing list, but I realy need some help..
> I find awsome screenshots from FreeBSD on various sites on the net, but
> on my comp,
> the only thing I see is a black screen with some white text on it, and:
> ________________
> $|
> ---------------------
> I just tested some commands on random, and found that "info" show some
> kind of list with information on each "something"..
> How do I enter some kind of interface, or desktop, like on the
> screenshots?
> Is there a web-site or enything with tutorials explaining how to do all
> this..
> I was thinking about setting up a FTP and Apache server +mail maybe..
> But now when I see this black screen and don't have a clue on what to
> do, or how to do enything..
> I feel the hope is dripping into the sink!
> Please help me somehow, with tutorials and important information for
> starters..
> Thanks a lot..  Ivan S. - Norway
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