Newbie help!

Dennis Olvany dennisolvany at
Sun Apr 9 22:13:55 UTC 2006

infernus - Bluelight wrote:
> How do I enter some kind of interface, or desktop, like on the
> screenshots? Is there a web-site or enything with tutorials
> explaining how to do all this..

1) Install xorg. If you chose an x installation, such as x-user, then
you can skip this step. To see what's already installed, use pkg_info.
The command to install xorg is probably pkg_add -r xorg.

2) Configure xorg. Command is Xorg -configure (note the capital X, very
important). You'll then have to copy the configuration to the correct
location, /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Details in the handbook.

3) Install a window manager. Here's the command to install xfce4:
pkg_add -r xfce4.

4) Start the window manager. In the case of xfce4, the command is

5) Install a web browser and such.

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