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Duane Whitty duane at
Sun Apr 9 22:58:52 UTC 2006

infernus - Bluelight wrote:
> Sorry for bothering this mailing list, but I realy need some help..
> I find awsome screenshots from FreeBSD on various sites on the net, 
> but on my comp,
> the only thing I see is a black screen with some white text on it, and:
> ________________
> $|
> ---------------------
> I just tested some commands on random, and found that "info" show some 
> kind of list with information on each "something"..
> How do I enter some kind of interface, or desktop, like on the 
> screenshots?
> Is there a web-site or enything with tutorials explaining how to do 
> all this..
> I was thinking about setting up a FTP and Apache server +mail maybe..
> But now when I see this black screen and don't have a clue on what to 
> do, or how to do enything..
> I feel the hope is dripping into the sink!
> Please help me somehow, with tutorials and important information for 
> starters..
> Thanks a lot..  Ivan S. - Norway
> _______________________________________________

Do you have access to a web browser to view the handbook?

If not you can install a good text based one until you install
your graphical user interface.

/usr/local/bin/lynx file:///usr/share/doc/en/books/handbook/index.html

If this does not work then do the following

su - root
cd /usr/ports/www/lynx
make install clean
/usr/local/bin/lynx file:///usr/share/doc/en/books/handbook/index.html

This should let you view the English version of the hanbook


Duane Whitty

duane at

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