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>>I'm trying to configure CVSup to download only
>>ports but I've several doubts about it. I took
>>/usr/share/examples/ports-supfile file. (freeBSD
>>6.0 RELEASE-i386)
>>1- When I update a specific port, only is updated
>>his skeleton or his binary files are downloaded
>>2- For instance if I'm just interested in
>>updating  /usr/ports/net ports, do I do it
>>commenting the ports-all line and comment out
>>ports-net line?
>>3- I don't have the /usr/ports/net-im folder, Can
>>I add the line ports-net-im, to download his

I STONGLY suggest you read the handbook. Then, read it again.
Then once more for good measure.

CVS is NOT hard IF you take the time to READ and LEARN.

If however you don't want to take the time to read, learn and understand
- then stick with the packages.

You are the type of user that will download a tarball, try to install
it, then complain that it don't work. Never mind the fact that you have
packages and ports.

You will be the user that EXPECTS everything you download, to run
automagically without an ounce of knowledge of how to use the powerfull
OS and it's tools you seemed to have muddled through installing, right
at your fingertips.

I hate users looking for the shortcuts.

Best regards,

Real programmers don't eat muffins.

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