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Sat Nov 26 16:14:35 GMT 2005

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> Subject: CVSup doubts
> Hi,
> I'm trying to configure CVSup to download only
> ports but I've several doubts about it. I took
> /usr/share/examples/ports-supfile file. (freeBSD
> 6.0 RELEASE-i386)
> 1- When I update a specific port, only is updated
> his skeleton or his binary files are downloaded
> too?
> 2- For instance if I'm just interested in
> updating  /usr/ports/net ports, do I do it
> commenting the ports-all line and comment out
> ports-net line?
> 3- I don't have the /usr/ports/net-im folder, Can
> I add the line ports-net-im, to download his
> content?
FWIW I suggest you keep the whole collection because once you have it set up
it does not take much time to keep the collection up to date because the
ports does not include the pkg.


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