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On Sat, 19 Nov 2005, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

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>>> Hmmm,
>>>    We run a lot of Solaris 8 and FreeBSD.  I find Solaris 8 pretty
>>> much the same speed as FreeBSD for what we do.  However, one thing
>>> is that we do not run X-windows on either our Solaris 8 or FreeBSD
>>> systems, because they are servers and there is no need for it.
>>>   I've generally not found trouble obtaining the patches for Solaris
>>> I've needed, most of them are in the cluster patch, and the ones that
>>> aren't yet are critical (such as the repaired ncsd program) are
>>> available on the Internet on non-Sun-approved websites.
>>>   The performance of Xorg/XFree86 vs Openwindows is greatly different
>>> as you point out.  It is possible to compile Xorg on Solaris 8, at
>>> least Solaris x86 - I've heard of people doing it but I've never
>>> done it myself.
>>> Ted
>> Indeed. But this is not Solaris 10 - thats when all of this changed.
> I never understood why anyone would go to Solaris 10 unless they had a
> 64 bit processor and compiled all their apps under a 64 bit compiler.
> Sun
> didn't either, which is why they originally didn't come out with a
> Solaris x86
> version of Solaris 10  They only came out with it after much screaming.
Probably they want to get a foot into the workstation market. Of 
course their Java Desktop's performance and stability is 
disgusting now, but if they manage to activate some kind of 
community around OpenSolaris, it will become a nice working 
enviroment within two years or so - see and 



> Ted
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