Solaris patches and Solaris Express

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Sat Nov 19 09:02:29 GMT 2005

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>At 03:52 AM 11/17/2005, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>>    We run a lot of Solaris 8 and FreeBSD.  I find Solaris 8 pretty
>>much the same speed as FreeBSD for what we do.  However, one thing
>>is that we do not run X-windows on either our Solaris 8 or FreeBSD
>>systems, because they are servers and there is no need for it.
>>   I've generally not found trouble obtaining the patches for Solaris
>>I've needed, most of them are in the cluster patch, and the ones that
>>aren't yet are critical (such as the repaired ncsd program) are
>>available on the Internet on non-Sun-approved websites.
>>   The performance of Xorg/XFree86 vs Openwindows is greatly different
>>as you point out.  It is possible to compile Xorg on Solaris 8, at
>>least Solaris x86 - I've heard of people doing it but I've never
>>done it myself.
>Indeed. But this is not Solaris 10 - thats when all of this changed.

I never understood why anyone would go to Solaris 10 unless they had a
64 bit processor and compiled all their apps under a 64 bit compiler.
didn't either, which is why they originally didn't come out with a
Solaris x86
version of Solaris 10  They only came out with it after much screaming.


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