Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Wed Nov 16 17:52:18 GMT 2005

Steve Bertrand wrote:
[ ... ]
> - During install (this time it's 6.0-RELEASE as of Nov. 3), I have 3
> selections to select from when FDISKing etc: ad4, ad6 and ar0.
> - I select ad0 to configure as this is the bootable RAID volume, and
              ^^^ ...?
> everything installs perfectly fine. I then proceed to reboot the box,
> and a blinking cursor appears in the top-left side of the screen, as if
> BSD wants to boot, but nothing ever happens.

If you've configured or enabled a RAID setup in the BIOS, then ar0 ought to be 
the device you should use.

If you are trying to install to a drive in normal, non-RAID mode, then ad0 (if 
you have it) would be the choice.  If you've got static ATA numbering enabled 
in the kernel and you've got no parallel ATA devices attached, only SATA, then 
ad4 might be right.


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