Kernel option question

Mihai Tanasescu mihai at
Sun Nov 6 10:25:50 GMT 2005

Sorry for not providing more clues.

I'm running a Counter-Strike server under linux binary emulation on a :
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.60GHz"

When there are many players on the server the cpu load looks like this 
(seen from top):

28605 counter           131    0      214M   209M RUN    369:13     
86.43% 86.43% hlds_i686

After a while the hlds server just dies.
I see no errors in any logs.

Afterwards everything is fine, I just restart the counter-strike binary 
and the cycle repeats itself after a while.

The program was installed using the sources provided by Valve and not 
from the ports directory.

Peter Clutton wrote:

>On 11/6/05, Mihai Tanasescu <mihai at> wrote:
>>I'm having problems with a piece of software that I'm running.
>>That software causes quite a high load on my machine and gets
>>automatically killed after some time.
>>How can I configure FreeBSD not to kill the high cpu consuming tasks
>>taking into account the risk of my machine getting to be unavailable.
>Well first of all what is the program, how did you install it etc.
>That will help for getting an answer. The reason being FreeBSD doesn't
>kill a program just for using alot of CPU, i suppose unless it is
>using up everything and making a nuisance of itself, which the program
>shouldn't really be reaching that point, so i don't think my next
>paragraph is the reason, but something to with the program.
>However the freebsd sheduler does lower the priority for programs that
>use up their entire slice of CPU time, rather than using some up, and
>then sleep - ing themselves , or blocking, waiting for something.
>Therefore a program that is continuous, gets lower and lower priority,
>while something that has to wait for, say, input, line an interactive
>program (eg text-editor) gets higher and higher priority (until it
>enters a while bunch of characters, at which stage it's priority
>lowers and the process start over again)
>If you really believe that it's being stopped because of this, look
>into the nice command (man page)
>Otherwise, let everybody know what the program is. Also, is it writing
>any error files? Check your logs, and post any output.
>Just my  thoughts (could be wrong) hope you get some more answers.

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