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Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Tue Nov 1 21:39:04 PST 2005

There's nothing more frustrating than getting what you were
screaming for then finding out you didn't want it, isn't there?

Your welcome to use the Pokemon sex-toy logo all you want.
Me, I've enjoyed the comments on slashdot, and I have no
intention of using that red balloon sex toy logo on anything
I make up for FreeBSD.

This is exactly what happens when people try to mix
religion into things that belong in the secular realm.  Beastie
is not the antichrist and the morons that do not understand that,
the FreeBSD Project is better off without.  Take note - this is
only a logo so it's minor importance, - but this is perfectly
representative of the garbage that results when you bow down
before conservative fanatics that see devils in everything.

I hope you personally have learned something from this.
Unfortunately for the U.S., the politicians in power right now
need to learn the same lesson, and they won't - until the
same kind of garbage results from what they are doing, only
it will be infinitely more disastrous.


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>On Nov 1, 2005, at 3:15 PM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>> Of course not.  You got what you deserved though so shut the hell up.
>Ted, you need to shut the hell up.  FreeBSD is not your project and  
>your whining and complaining whenever the logo thing comes up is  
>really tiresome.  The people who run the project decided to create a  
>new logo.  It sucks but hey, it is better than beastie as a logo.   
>Beastie is a fine mascot but he is not a logo.
>if you want a BSD with a beastie as a logo, go fork your own where  
>you are master
>> This is a contest that never should have happened for a reason that  
>> has
>> no real justification, it is no wonder it produced a big turd.  And I
>> will
>> bet money that it will not change the marketing distribution of  
>> FreeBSD
>> against Linux one smacking iota.  And I will bet even more money that
>> the people like you who were in favor of jettisoning Beastie will  
>> never
>> admit that, nor will you ever go to the effort of doing the  
>> research to
>> prove
>> that your desire to kill Beastie was the right thing to do, insofar  
>> that
>> it
>> helped get FreeBSD into a greater market share.
>> Just remember - this is the BEST that the contest produced.   
>> Imagine what
>> most of the rest of the entries looked like!!!
>> Ted
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