New Logo

lars lars at
Wed Nov 2 01:31:08 PST 2005

IMHO a logo, or a new logo, was necessary for technical reasons.
Less colors, "vectorable", more modern look.
I really like the Beastie character, but it's too complicated a design
to use directly as a logo, at least I think so.

I actually don't believe this logo was created to placate
an extremely religious minority. If it really was, then that was an
extremely stupid move, because you can never placate people of that
caliber, no matter what you do - Flying Spaghetti Monster anyone?

As usual, we're now entering the phase of metadiscussion.
4.10: Thou shalt not commit bikesheds. 

See Poul Henning Kamp's explanation on that:

So, have a nice day everyone

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