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Duo duo at
Thu Nov 3 05:41:36 PST 2005

Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:

>>Seems to me a fairly nice contribution to the project,
>It is all irrelevant.  I am sure it is a nice book and Ted is  
>knowledgeable in a lot of areas I am sure. Neither he nor I are  
>members of the project and had a vote on whether or not to adopt a  
>logo and what that logo should be.
Wow, I have been away from the list for a long time, but, let me jump in
here as someone who has done logo design work, *and* has an appreciation
for FreeBSD, and Ted.

1) Chad, *YOU* are highly irrelevant. Ted has been highly helpful to the
community. Just because he isint part of the clique that makes decisions
dosent invalidate his opinion. That's what Open Source is *all about*.
Everyone gets a say, and, it may not necessarily get listened to, but,
everyone gets their say. Was he saucy about it? Sure. But the person
giving support to the really awful logo, also was supporting the really
dead ended idea in the first place.

2) The simple (and original point, and yes, I *did* read the whole
thread) point Ted made was: its disingenuous, and *wholly* idiotic, not
to mention ignorant to a T to complain about the results you get, when
you support a Really Dumb Idea(tm).

In short,  based on what I have read of your responses thus far, you
negate your relevance, and your total worth, by trying to minimize
*real* contributions to the community, in a lame attempt to elevate and
pump up your flailing gonads. Community. Remember that word.
C-O-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y. That means, as a group. And, as someone pointed out,
Ted has made some really great contributions, which lend his opinion
alot of weight. Where are yours?

It dosent matter *what* the powers that be think. They have as much
power, in the end, as the community *gives* them. Mambo turned out to
be....not alot...without the community to support them. That's the part
you are missing here. The FreeBSD community, by and large, has felt
ignored on this issue. And, you missed that point as well.

In closing, allow me to place upon you the stamp of "schmoe", and
instruct you to move along. The logo is terrible. It looks like it was
created by someone who took a weekend photoshop class, and wanted to use
their new powers. It's awful. The font is a terrible throwback to
70's-early 80's style Atari magazine ads. Terrible design. Terrible.

In short, this is a step *down* from professionalism. It looks like a
baloon from Satan's Halloween party. It wont scale well, and what's
more, despite the fact that we do live in an increasingly digital world,
that will look like *utter crap* on paper, I feel.

This logo will hopefully be retired soon. And, seeing as you are so hung
up on credentials: I was taught lithography, typography, design and what
prints/looks well by my father, who was the best Miller/Roland/Mehele
repairman and engineer in the business. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Shut the hell up. =)


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