freebsd as the basis for something better?

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>> a project where real unix would meet real life, or where open
>> source would meet open minds -- would have to make unix more human-
>> oriented rather than machine-oriented. and in addition to bringing
>> order to the chaos that was laid as the foundation for all unix
>> variants decades ago, it should also deal with new ways of
>> interacting with unix visually. for instance, in ways more
>> convenient than x, and its conventional graphical user interfaces
>> (though these won't go away any time soon).
>UNIX is user friendly. It's just selective about who its friends are.
>New gui tools are needed. lets bring the CLI tools to the GUI, like
>pipes, redirects, etc. some of apples ideas are nice aka NeXTSTEP. Why
>are we trying to emulate windows when mircosoft just steals it's
>idea's from apple? lets cut the middle man out. BeOS was cool too.


Why are you guys still beating the GUI interface?  That is so 70's
computing technology.  The real next generation OS will be
voice command.  Until then it's just more Window dressing.  It's
like the Emperor's new clothes - the little boy said "Computer
please get me a drink of water" and the crowd was amazed when
the $64,000 OS stacked to the ceiling with GUI just sat there
lifeless and dumb.


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