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Chuck Robey chuckr at
Mon Jun 27 00:45:32 GMT 2005

Sarath ER wrote:

> Gerard Seibert wrote:
>> Thanks to several individuals, I have almost gotten my Apache2 server
>> working. Almost, but not quite.
>> My ISP blocks port 80; therefore I am using a redirect from
>> to redirect to an alias using port 9545.
>> The '' redirects to ''
>>> From my FreeBSD box, if I type: lynx, I see the 
>> following message: Using The
>> connection is made and the index.htm file is displayed.
>> However, I am unable to reach this site from any other computer.
>> Eventually, the request will time out and I receive an error message
>> telling me that the site is not available.
>> I am not sure what I am doing wrong at this point. I have posted the
>> following files if anyone feels ambitious enough to look them over
>> for me.
Sarath, I will see if I can rephrase some of this, and at least help
*MY* understanding.  If your ISP is blocking port 80, then the fix
absolutely must fall into one of two categories: either you can find out
how your ISP is blocking it, and do a workaround of that, or you must
have someone else perform a service for you, having the required URL
changed to be the correct base port (not 80, and I would myself choose
8080, if your ISP didn't block that also).  Nice thing about that, your
friendly apache-friend isn't going to lose any bigtime bandwidth,
because it's still being served from your machine, your friend is merely
serving to redirect the port, not actually
serve it.

Now, I will make the assumption here that the above paragraph is mostly
right.  You could use ethereal very simply to check and make sure of
it.  One screwup would be to have the redirect be close, but not
actually what it should be, and it's really, really easy to read and
check this.  I'd bet it as either a very likely thing to be, OR while
you do it, you are pretty likely to spot the real problem.  Go give it a
try.  Ethereal is such a great tool that you can't really lose here,
learning how to use it, you're looking at a win-win situation.

>> httpd.conf     =
>> hosts        =
>> This is the output from ifconfig -a
>> net-card.txt    =
>> resolv.conf    =
>> The 'hosts' file has a pretty good description of my network in it. I
>> double checked my router, and I believe it is configured correctly to
>> pass port 9545 through.
> Hi,
> Just checked, the connection fails.. Are you sure
> that you have enabled port forwarding in the router?
> - Sarath
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