Still trying to get my site up!

Sarath ER sarath at
Mon Jun 27 00:32:05 GMT 2005

Gerard Seibert wrote:

> Thanks to several individuals, I have almost gotten my Apache2 server 
> working. Almost, but not quite.
> My ISP blocks port 80; therefore I am using a redirect from 
> to redirect to an alias using port 9545.
> The '' redirects to ''
>> From my FreeBSD box, if I type: lynx, I see the 
> following message: Using The connection 
> is made and the index.htm file is displayed.
> However, I am unable to reach this site from any other computer. 
> Eventually, the request will time out and I receive an error message 
> telling me that the site is not available.
> I am not sure what I am doing wrong at this point. I have posted the 
> following files if anyone feels ambitious enough to look them over for 
> me.
> httpd.conf     =
> hosts        =
> This is the output from ifconfig -a
> net-card.txt    =
> resolv.conf    =
> The 'hosts' file has a pretty good description of my network in it. I 
> double checked my router, and I believe it is configured correctly to 
> pass port 9545 through.

Just checked, the connection fails.. Are you sure
that you have enabled port forwarding in the router?

- Sarath

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