PartitionMagic question

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sun Jun 26 13:19:52 GMT 2005

Iavor Raytchev wrote:

>> Basically just ignore the errors with non-Windows partitions in *nix
>> operated territory. If you have any issues with those, your OS will 
>> complain
>> about that for you :).
>> -Garrett
> That's a good rule.
> Though I still wonder why after FreeBSD has touched the partitions 
> table, PartitionMagic finds "errors" outside the *nix territory.
> It is somehow irritating to ignore "errors" all the time. I can see 
> that FreeBSD is made on first place to live alone, but it would be 
> nicer if it could live together with other OS in peace.
    Yeah, but if everything works, why mess with it? PM is 
overly-verbose in this case and has a tendency to misunderstand what's 
going on.
    NOTE: Do not try what I have down below if it wants to 'play' with 
any FreeBSD partitions! Also, if you _don't_ have the latest version of 
PM and/or are running this on XP SP2, you may completely bork some of 
your Windows partitions so please consider doing what I suggest with 
extreme caution!
    If you really want to see what happens, what I suggest-before trying 
this-is to make a bootdisk of FreeBSD and the PM bootdisk, then test it 
by confirming and rebooting. Most likely you'll have an issue booting 
into one OS or another, but if that's true you can boot to your XP CD 
and just reload the ntloader into the MBR and you'll be fine. I'm just 
suggesting making FreeBSD/PM bootdisks just in case.

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