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Fri Jun 24 16:31:20 GMT 2005

On Friday 24 June 2005 15:31, fbsd_user wrote:
> Which firewall you select to use should be based on your level of
> understanding of how information is moved across the internet.
> Ipfilter is best suited for people who are just learning about
> firewalling. PF is a little more automated and the rules are very
> close to IPF's.
> IPFW is for the advanced firewall users who have expert
> understanding of the internet. All 3 firewalls support stateful
> rules and are available in the 5.4 release. Best advice is start
> with Ipfilter and when you find out that you have needs which are
> not met by Ipfilter then move over to IPFW.

Is this right? I started off using IPFW, and found it no harder or easier than 
ipfilter, which I am using now. Can't remember the reason I changed to 
ipfilter, think it might have something to do with being easier to use with 
ipnat, but I am pretty happy with it. Is there anything that ipfw does better 
than ipfilter to make it preferable? 

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> I'm going to learn about the freebsd firewall . In the handbook list
> some of them and I could not find out what is the best . So I
> decided
> to post here hoping to gain some of your opinion and experience .
> I would like to know what firewall was the most wanted ? I have used
> Linux several months and IP tables was a good statefull firewall .
> What about in freeBSD ?
> Thank for reading :)
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