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Which firewall you select to use should be based on your level of
understanding of how information is moved across the internet.
Ipfilter is best suited for people who are just learning about
firewalling. PF is a little more automated and the rules are very
close to IPF's.
IPFW is for the advanced firewall users who have expert
understanding of the internet. All 3 firewalls support stateful
rules and are available in the 5.4 release. Best advice is start
with Ipfilter and when you find out that you have needs which are
not met by Ipfilter then move over to IPFW.

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I'm going to learn about the freebsd firewall . In the handbook list
some of them and I could not find out what is the best . So I
to post here hoping to gain some of your opinion and experience .
I would like to know what firewall was the most wanted ? I have used
Linux several months and IP tables was a good statefull firewall .
What about in freeBSD ?

Thank for reading :)
Cao Van Khanh
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