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> On Friday 24 June 2005 15:31, fbsd_user wrote:
>> Which firewall you select to use should be based on your level of
>> understanding of how information is moved across the internet.
>> Ipfilter is best suited for people who are just learning about
>> firewalling. PF is a little more automated and the rules are very
>> close to IPF's.
>> IPFW is for the advanced firewall users who have expert
>> understanding of the internet. All 3 firewalls support stateful
>> rules and are available in the 5.4 release. Best advice is start
>> with Ipfilter and when you find out that you have needs which are
>> not met by Ipfilter then move over to IPFW.
> Is this right?

If it is, then I'm a lot smarter than I give myself credit for.  The first 
firewall I ever used was ipchains.  The I used iptables, but I never 
learned much about either because Linux obscures the config (unless you're 
doing something "fancy", you can run "setup" on the cli, click a few check 
boxes and you're done.

When I decided to switch a server over to FBSD, I had to read the man page 
to understand how pf worked, because there *was* no "setup" to run.  I've 
been using pf for a few years now, and I've never had problems 
understanding the syntax or how it works (but I also never do NAT, so that 
might be the reason it seems easy to me.)

 I started off using IPFW, and found it no harder or easier
> than  ipfilter, which I am using now. Can't remember the reason I changed
> to  ipfilter, think it might have something to do with being easier to
> use with  ipnat, but I am pretty happy with it. Is there anything that
> ipfw does better  than ipfilter to make it preferable?
The only thing I would say about firewalls is, know what you're doing and 
do it at the console.  There's nothing like having to get dressed and drive 
40 miles to fix a box because you screwed up the firewall config will 
working remotely to impress upon you the need to work at the console. :-)

Personally, I like the "quick" keyword of the OpenBSD firewall, (but not 
enough to bother installing it.)

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