ThinkPad X30 installation problem

Iavor Raytchev iavor_raytchev at
Wed Jun 15 20:24:31 GMT 2005


I have some problems installing FreeBSD 5.4 on
ThinkPad X30.

I boot from floppy and install from a DOS partition.

The problem is somewhere around the drive geometry.

FreeBSD says that the geometry 77520/16/63 does not
seem right and that more likely 4864/255/63 will be
used. The manual says I should use the BIOS geometry,
but on X30 I could not find it anywhere in the BIOS.
So I used the geometry which PartitionMagic reports
and which I found also in one other article about
installing FreeBSD on X30 - 5168/240/63. The install
moves on and everything seems fine until I reboot in
Windows XP Pro and start PartitionMagic.

I repeated the installation around dozen times
installing FreeBSD on different places - before and
after Windows XP Pro, within the first 1024, etc. In
all cases the installation moves on successfully but
then PartitionMagic reports between 1 and 3 errors -
different LBA and CHS numbers somewhere, which it
insists on fixing by applying the LBA number. If I
allow PartitionMagic to fix them - the result is
always  different. Sometimes everything is OK,
sometimes it says 'backup all data and reformat the
drive', which required full system reinstall (incl.
Windows) and in some cases first I had to delete the
FreeBSD partition with the DOS FDISK as PartitionMagic
refused to do anything and the IBM system recovery
refused to take off.

Could anybody tell me what am I doing wrong? Is it
wrong to use PartitionMagic in general after FreeBSD
is installed or is it something else?


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