Webmail Selection Setup & Configuration

Iavor Raytchev iavor_raytchev at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 15 23:28:44 GMT 2005

> I am looking at setting up a webmail solution on
> my server and I would like to ask a few  questions:


> 2 - Any highly recommended solutions? Horde /
> SquirellMail / others?

We use Squirrelmail for 2-3 years for 50+ domains and
500+ e-mail accounts and it behaves very well. There
are quite interesting plug-ins for Squirrelmail.

> 3 - Are there good *detailed* resources available
> that provide procedures on how to set up a webmail
> system and the required / recommended components.

Squirrelmail has very nice IRC where you can ask
questions - see on the web site www.squirrelmail.org -
irc.freenode... and then #squirrelmail.


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