ThinkPad X30 installation problem

Bob Bomar bob at
Wed Jun 15 21:53:33 GMT 2005

On Wed, Jun 15, 2005 at 09:24:30PM +0100, Iavor Raytchev wrote:
> I repeated the installation around dozen times
> installing FreeBSD on different places - before and
> after Windows XP Pro, within the first 1024, etc. In
> all cases the installation moves on successfully but
> then PartitionMagic reports between 1 and 3 errors -
> different LBA and CHS numbers somewhere, which it
> insists on fixing by applying the LBA number. If I
> allow PartitionMagic to fix them - the result is
> always  different. Sometimes everything is OK,
> sometimes it says 'backup all data and reformat the
> drive', which required full system reinstall (incl.
> Windows) and in some cases first I had to delete the
> FreeBSD partition with the DOS FDISK as PartitionMagic
> refused to do anything and the IBM system recovery
> refused to take off.
> Could anybody tell me what am I doing wrong? Is it
> wrong to use PartitionMagic in general after FreeBSD
> is installed or is it something else?

What is the purpose of using PartitionMagic after the
install?  Are you able to boot into FreeBSD and Windows?
If so, then I fail to see the problem, if not, then
what errors are you getting.

Bob Bomar
bob at
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