FreeBSD && MP3 Player's

Svein Halvor Halvorsen svein-freebsd-questions at
Sat Jun 11 11:54:56 GMT 2005

* Frank Staals [2005-06-11 12:46 +0200]
>  Almost all mp3-players will work fine with *BSD systems, the basic 
>  filesystem used on them is dos, so you can simply mount them using 
>  'mount -t msdos'. I can't realy say what mp3 player is best, but check 
>  out the Iriver products, most of their mp3 players also support ogg 
>  vorbis, you are probably looking for an player with HD so check for the 
>  H300 series, for more info

Take notice that some of iRivers products don't come with USB Mass Storage 
as default, and need a firmware upgrade to support this. Without this 
support I do not believe that FreeBSD will recognize the unit as an 
external harddrive. With the UMS firmware, the iRiver units will lack some 
features, eg. the unit will start up slower, not support MP3 encoding at 
high bitrates, etc.

I would advise anyone to check out these things before buying an iRiver. 
Thing might have changed with newer versions, thought. 

I have a 2GB iAUDIO5 myself, of which I am very satisfied. It playes Ogg 
Vorbis, but it also takes some time to turn on. I have no first hand 
experience of any other players.

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