FreeBSD && MP3 Player's

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Sat Jun 11 14:03:27 GMT 2005

Frank Staals wrote:

> Almost all mp3-players will work fine with *BSD systems, the basic 
> filesystem used on them is dos, so you can simply mount them using 
> 'mount -t msdos'. 

And, while they're not there yet (the largest capacity iPod-Photo from Apple
has what, a 60 GB HDD?  But, that's halfway to oblivion), note that at the
moment, msdosfs(5) has a limit of 120GB for most practical intents and

It may be interesting to see who gets past the 120 GB barrier first: the
hardware vendors or the operating system.  But, it's already a tad of an
issue with devices like USB HD enclosures, so surely the mp3-players can't
be far behind.

But who really needs to *carry* 120GB of music around with them?  Ah, well
like Gates said, "640K should be enough for anybody!" :-)

Kevin Kinsey

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