FreeBSD && MP3 Player's

Frank Staals frankstaals at
Sat Jun 11 10:46:47 GMT 2005

anon wrote:

> Hi everyone,
>                   I am looking to get an mp3 player that I can use 
> with my FreeBSD laptop.  If  anyone out there uses a mp3 player with 
> thier BSD system, *ptrs and suggestions would be great :). Basically I 
> am look for something with 5G or more capacity and 12 hr + batery 
> time, FM radio capability would also be good. I have both firewire and 
> USB on the laptop so connection is not a problem, I am also tracking 
> Cheers,
> Hubert Farnswoth.
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Almost all mp3-players will work fine with *BSD systems, the basic 
filesystem used on them is dos, so you can simply mount them using 
'mount -t msdos'. I can't realy say what mp3 player is best, but check 
out the Iriver products, most of their mp3 players also support ogg 
vorbis, you are probably looking for an player with HD so check for the 
H300 series, for more info

-Frank Staals

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