xorg and missing /dev/agpgart

eodyna eodyna at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jun 5 07:08:11 GMT 2005

hi there,

I have just reinstalled freebsd 5.3 onto my dell
optiplex. I know this worked on a previous install of
freebsd5.3 ... but now im lost...

I have also installed xorg 6.8.2. When i try to run X.
i get the error message : Unable to open /dev/agpgart
(No such file or directory).

i looked in /dev and sure enough it isn't there. I
checked my kernel to see if device agp was there and
it was.

im not sure how im meant to get /dev/agpgart to appear
in /dev.  if anyone can help me out here, that would
be great.

thanks in advance..

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