xorg and missing /dev/agpgart

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at dial.pipex.com
Sun Jun 5 21:34:42 GMT 2005

eodyna wrote:

>I have also installed xorg 6.8.2. When i try to run X.
>i get the error message : Unable to open /dev/agpgart
>(No such file or directory).
>i looked in /dev and sure enough it isn't there. I
>checked my kernel to see if device agp was there and
>it was.
>im not sure how im meant to get /dev/agpgart to appear
>in /dev.  if anyone can help me out here, that would
>be great.
options         AGP_AMD64_GART  # Included GART code for AMD64 machines.

It's in one of the NOTES files.  Don't build a kernel without reading them.

(Actually, I do "cat ../../conf/NOTES NOTES > LINT.mine" to get a more 
old-style LINT file in one place, if in a somewhat different order from 


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