FreeBSD 5.x problems with new dell server

Jason Lieurance jason at
Fri Jun 3 15:05:25 GMT 2005

I bought a new dell poweredge1425sc server. 
It's has dual 2.8 xeon's with HT, 1 Gb ram, Seagate u320 73GB HD, Adaptec
u320 scsi controller, its all new stuff.
FreeBSD 5.3 and 5.4 install fine but then its trouble. It'll be running fine
and I'll be doing whatever and then intermeantly it will kick out a bunch of
junk(forgive me I didn't write it down) about scsi channel A timing out.
After all that comes up in white, it'll go back to normal. Then a couple
minutes later it repeats it self and so on.
Now, I know the hardware is ok because I checked it and it came wired from
the factory but most importantly, Debian Linux(sarge) works fine on it and
whats installed now(2 weeks, no problems).
I tried disabling HT support on both 5.3 and 5.4 but this doesn't help ( I
didn't figure it would but I read something about bad things with HT and BSD
I would really like to get FreeBSD 5.x on there somehow cause I love BSD but
for now I guess I'll settle for debian unless someone can uncover the



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