FreeBSD 5.x problems with new dell server

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Sat Jun 4 04:53:56 GMT 2005

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>Subject: FreeBSD 5.x problems with new dell server
>I bought a new dell poweredge1425sc server.
>It's has dual 2.8 xeon's with HT, 1 Gb ram, Seagate u320 73GB
>HD, Adaptec
>u320 scsi controller, its all new stuff.
>FreeBSD 5.3 and 5.4 install fine but then its trouble. It'll be
>running fine
>and I'll be doing whatever and then intermeantly it will kick
>out a bunch of
>junk(forgive me I didn't write it down) about scsi channel A timing out.
>After all that comes up in white, it'll go back to normal. Then a couple
>minutes later it repeats it self and so on.
>I would really like to get FreeBSD 5.x on there somehow cause I
>love BSD but
>for now I guess I'll settle for debian unless someone can uncover the

You have to use send-pr if you want someone to uncover the mystery.


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