Frontpage Extensions on 5.4 - Anyone Gotten It To Work?

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Wed Jul 20 16:55:40 GMT 2005

On 7/20/2005 9:42 AM Tim Traver wrote:

> Drew,
> I've done need to have the latest frontpage extensions from 
> as there might be changes for FreeBSD 5.4...
> And you may need to have the compatability libraries in place...

Thanks for your reply.  I have the 3x and 4x compatibility libraries 
uncommented in /etc/make.conf so I assume they are installed.  How can I 
check for sure?

How long ago did you install.  I downloaded from rtr about 2 weeks ago 
so I assume I have the latest.  I guess I could always do it again.

At least I know there's hope!



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