Frontpage Extensions on 5.4 - Anyone Gotten It To Work?

Tim Traver tt-list at
Wed Jul 20 17:37:55 GMT 2005

I think you can see some of the libraries that it creates when the 
compatability libraries are installed. I think you'll see some libraries 
like etc in the libraries dir....

more specifically, what are the error messages if you just try and 
execute owsadmin.exe ???

If things are working, you should at least get that binary to run, even 
though it will spit out a frontpage error...


Drew Tomlinson wrote:

> On 7/20/2005 9:42 AM Tim Traver wrote:
>> Drew,
>> I've done need to have the latest frontpage extensions from 
>> as there might be changes for FreeBSD 5.4...
>> And you may need to have the compatability libraries in place...
> Thanks for your reply.  I have the 3x and 4x compatibility libraries 
> uncommented in /etc/make.conf so I assume they are installed.  How can 
> I check for sure?
> How long ago did you install.  I downloaded from rtr about 2 weeks ago 
> so I assume I have the latest.  I guess I could always do it again.
> At least I know there's hope!
> Thanks,
> Drew

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