Frontpage Extensions on 5.4 - Anyone Gotten It To Work?

Tim Traver tt-list at
Wed Jul 20 16:42:02 GMT 2005


I've done need to have the latest frontpage extensions from as there might be changes for FreeBSD 5.4...

And you may need to have the compatability libraries in place...


Drew Tomlinson wrote:

> Has anyone been able to get Frontpage Extensions working with Apache 
> 2.0.54 on 5.4-RELEASE-p4?  I had it working on 4.11 but have been 
> beating my head against the wall for the past two weeks on 5.4.  When 
> I run the /usr/local/frontpage/version5.0/ script, it 
> fails when the script calls owsadm.exe to create the root web.  
> owsadm.exe core dumps with a "Bad system call".  I've done a complete 
> removal of Apache2, Frontpage, and mod_frontpage2-rtr.  Then I've 
> rebuilt but continue to get core dumps when owsadm.exe runs in the 
> script.
> Is there any hope?  Even if you don't know what the problem might be, 
> a simple "I did it with no problem" will at least encourage me to keep 
> trying.
> Thanks,
> Drew

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