Linux move to FreeBSD (Beastie vs Penguin)

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Wed Jul 6 00:31:32 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 6 July 2005 02:07, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
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> >I would rather see this thread die out
> I agree - we are killing electrons and those aren't a renewable
> resource!  Do you know how long it takes to grow an electron!!!

It's that attitude that demotivates electrones. That's whay they move 
backwards those damn electrons, they'll never move with the flow from plus to 
minus :)

> Besides, we have to keep the list clear! After
> all, it's important not to interrupt the spammers with posts like this!
> This is a serious message board, go to alt.humor for your jokes!

Well, Ted, the few moments we don't agree may have stood out, but generally 
and especially when it's about how "our stuff" relates to the wider society I 
think you always have something thought provoking to say. And well, no 
surprise, I agree mostly. (I can be a bastard when I don't)

It's the imposing upon from religious groups (and well, let's say that I don't 
think they're muslims) that I find not only annoying but, yeah, downright 
dangerous. Throwing out 2-3 centuries of enlightenment and scientific advance 
is not a good idea.



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