ISDN connection problems

Stefan Pietsch stefan.pietsch at
Mon Jan 31 11:23:18 PST 2005

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> If it doesen't then your probably going to need to try another ISDN
> card.
> By the way, have you by chance priced out ISDN routers lately?  For
> example:
> 512&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW
> Cisco 1603's are going for under $20USD.  The 1603 is the Euro version
> of Cisco's ISDN router and understands the Euro ISDN switches (in
> contrast to the 1604 which doesen't have an ST interface and only
> understands American ISDN switches)
> At the ISP I work at we still do a lot of dialup ISDN because we are
> the only ISP left in town that will guarentee multilinking.  During
> the last year I've pretty much told all customers that we are only
> supporting the Cisco 1604 anymore, simply because the things are so
> darn cheap now that it's less of an annoyance factor to me to deal
> with more than one kind of router.  (Despite the fact that I've
> configured more than a dozen different brands of ISDN routers during
> the heyday of ISDN)

I wanted to avoid buying another box, so I installed a dusty linux
distribution with a 2.2 kernel. As far as I can I see after this
weekend, the ISDN connection stays up for several hours.

In the end, it works.  :)


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