Redirecting an IP address to

Aaron Siegel bulk_mail at
Tue Jan 25 14:39:14 PST 2005


I would like to redirect all the local traffic to my public IP address to a 
private IP.  My local ISP require that their customers use their very cheap 
(disfunctional) modem which will not direct any request from the LAN to the 
public IP of the modem.  So when I type http://<public IP> in my web browser, 
it will redirect me to the webserver on the LAN not the modem.  

I have tried natd forward_address option forwarding from the public IP to the 
private IP. I do not believe this for directing outside traffic not inside 
traffic. I am using ipfw as my firewall the modem is configured to work as a 
DMZ forwarding to my gateway.  

Thank you

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