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--On Tuesday, January 25, 2005 11:59:54 PM +0100 Gert Cuykens 
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> no why would it irritate developers ? Its just a question ? i only
> want them to think a bit before they bring in perl to build there
> application.
> I am not a developer so i can not think for them i can only ask
> questions. I would not even ask them if the application itself would
> use it. Then i would accept it as part of a furniture.
Let me get this straight.  You're not a developer, so you don't know 
languages or how to code.  Yet you're completely convinced that perl is 
insecure and should never be used anywhere, and you're equally convinced 
that no developer should be using it for their programs.

Is that about right?

> PS if you buy a new television do you still want the robotic arm of
> the factory standing next to it in your living room ?
> I can only talk about cosmetic things as a user because i dont know
> how a television works inside.

Bad analogy.  A better one would go something like this.  When you buy a 
new television, you expect that the manufacturer used the best and most 
efficient techniques to build it.  Yet, without any knowledge of why the 
manufacturer used those techniques, you think he was wrong to use them and 
he should change.

What's wrong with this picture?

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