FreeBSD ACPI shutdown -p fails on my Motherboard

Derek derekm at
Tue Jan 25 13:01:24 PST 2005

Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote:
> The ACPI is already enabled in BIOS but
> whenever I shutdown -p now, the computer doesn't
> totally goes off at all, it just reboots itself. 

It's likely that the ACPI implementation of your BIOS has its own quirks
that have not been taken into account for in the FreeBSD ACPI
implementation.  I would suggest upgrading to the latest BIOS if you are
not already there.

> Because I'm having a hard time turning my
> computer back on whenever I presses the power button
> during a reboot by Freebsd and I would have to turn
> the power on and off for quite some times just to be
> able to boot it to normal again. 

Not sure I fully understand here.  But, if I'm reading this correctly
as: "I have problems turning my computer back on after issuing a
'shutdown -p now'"  I would suggest instead of trying a bunch of times
turning the machine on and off, hold the power button in for 5 seconds,
and then power on.  Holding the power button in for 5 seconds _forces_
the system to shut off in all but the most extreme cases of failures.
Your system may have become unresponsive after the 'shutdown -p now'...


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