Xmms FreeBSD and buzzing or skipping sound

Jason Henson jason at ec.rr.com
Tue Jan 25 22:50:57 PST 2005

 and On 01/25/05 16:01:14, Derek wrote:,
> Jason Henson wrote:
>> Something like hw.acpi.pci.link.0.6.0.irq=16
> I used:
> hw.acpi.pci.link.0.11.0.irq=9
> hw.acpi.pci.link.0.11.1.irq=9
> In /boot/loader.conf, and I get a panic right at boot...  If I unset  
> them using loader, system boots fine.  I also tried using irq 20,  
> same thing.
I never had a panic from using these?
Maybe use irqs 19 and 24, or move the usb controler.  I don't know, but  
you may only be able to remap to irqs higher that 14 because those are  
enabled with acpi.  1 - 14 are standard hardware irqs and don't need  
acpi.  Just a thought.

>> #irq pcm in /boot/loader.conf
> I don't know what this statement means... I tried looking for more  
> documentation about it.

Just something to remind me what I did.

>> Maybe you could also try changing the pci clock, by =20
>> this I mean the number of tics or cycles a device can control the  
>> bus.  =20
>> I have mine set to 96.
> Is this a function of the BIOS, or the O/S?  If its in FreeBSD, where  
> can I find more information about this?

It's in the bios.  Also checkout man acpi, man acpidump, and the acpi  
page in the handook.

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