READ_DMA timed out on Promise FastTrak100

Derek derekm.nospam at
Tue Jan 25 13:01:53 PST 2005

list at wrote:
> However, when I boot FreeBSD, the system reports READ_DMA errors on the 
> second drive, and the array reports a degraded state. I can still mount 
> it, and both drive lights flash when accessing the volume.

Googling returns a lot of information relating to hardware:

> I was originally running 5.3-RELEASE-p5 (SMP, dual P3). I built and 
> booted 5.3-STABLE SMP, and although everything else looks fine, the 
> READ_DMA error is unchanged. I have verified the seating of cables and 
> cards.
> Does anyone have any pointers? What else should I try?
> Thanks in advance.

My suggestions would begin with replacing your cables (obviously with
UDMA100-style/80-conductor)...  I know the promise cables have that
nifty "PROMISE" branded ribbon that looks like one is supposed to use to
remove the cable from the drive, but I've seen that thing cause some
trouble (like ruining the drive connectors).

Failing that, if you can take the drive out of the machine (new cable,
new card, new system), and run the manufacture's _extensive_ drive tests
on it, I think you'll find all is not well.


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